The United States helped europe and Russia build parachutes for their Mars missions

U.S. helps Europe and Russia build parachutes for Mars missions

The European Space Agency said the U.S.-based Airborne Systems will help the European and Russian joint Mars mission ExoMars-2022 probe make parachutes.

In addition to Arescosmo’s parachutes, Airborne Systems’ parachutes that helped NASA’s Perseverance rover land safely on Mars are now in production, the press release said.

Airborne Systems is also supporting ground parachute extraction tests conducted at NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the press release said.

The next high-altitude launch test of the ExoMars probe parachute will take place in Sweden from May to June this year, followed by a test in Oregon, USA, from September to October.

If necessary, there will be another high-altitude launch test in Oregon from February to March 2022.

The ExoMars probe’s parachute system consists of two main umbrellas, 15 and 35 meters in diameter, each with a guide umbrella.

The European Space Agency announced in November 2020 that two parachute parachutes had ruptured during tests in the United States, although the probe’s model had fallen smoothly.

Two tests in Sweden in 2019 were also imperfect: the parachute opened smoothly in May, but the coat ruptured when the umbrella bag was detached, and in August a problem with the main umbrella rope, 35 meters in diameter, caused the probe model to crash.

The European Space Agency had to turn to NASA for help, and analysis found that the problem was in the umbrella bag.

The European Space Agency successfully conducted ground parachute extraction tests in the United States after improving the structure of the umbrella bag.

The ExoMars Mars rover is scheduled to launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on a Proton-M carrier rocket by the end of September 2022. The launch window is open until 1 October of the same year.